Camp Has Begun!

By Katie Koerten

Hi everyone! The summer camp season started yesterday with “Our Little Micro World.” Campers are learning about all things tiny in nature this week, such as insects and other tiny creatures, tiny plants and patterns in nature. Basically we’re looking at life on a miniature scale! Yesterday the Young Naturalists built exquisite little fairy houses. Today they studied tiny pond creatures!

The Explorers are off on a field trip today. They went to Mt Pollux Conservation Area in Amherst to collect insects and draw them in their journals. Then they went to Mill River Recreation Area, where they had a choice of swimming in the pool or exploring the river!

Here are the campers doing playing some favorite camp games…

20150630_090330      20150630_090328

Everyone loves “Everyone’s It” tag!

20150630_090142      20150630_090205

This is a silly game called “Yee Ha!” that the Explorers played this morning… The picture doesn’t quite capture the fun… ask your Explorer about it!



A red squirrel munching on maple seeds in the Hitchcock Center gutters! What a cutie!


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