ECOmmute App Created by Amherst High School Student

Eric Thompson-Martin has just completed his junior at Amherst Regional High School. In his free time, he created an app called ECOmmute that encourages commuting by bike to reduce emissions. Have you tried it? He writes:

My mission is to inspire the community to lower their emissions while saving money, and living healthier. The idea for ECOmmute was born out of my passion for biking combined with my desire to protect the environment. I went to summer camp at the Hitchcock Center when I was younger, and can’t stand waiting idly as the natural world we all love is destroyed by carbon emissions, and other human actions. The idea was that ECOmmute would make biking to work even more fun and money saving than it already is.

I invite you all to join me, and get coupons from businesses throughout Amherst including Bueno Y Sano, Hampshire Bike Exchange, Go-Berry, Central Rock Gym, The Henion Bakery, or even a free t-shirt or water bottle from the Hitchcock Center. Please download ECOmmute from the app store.

Have questions for Eric? Contact him here:

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