Intern Spotlight: Sam Cordero

By Patrick O’Roark

SamSam Cordero has always loved salamanders. In fact, since she was young she’s been drawn to animals of all types – as a child she desperately wanted a giant African millipede as a pet! Her fascination with animals led to an overall interest in science and conservation, and soon enough she was in Philadelphia studying paleobiology at the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating, she moved to the Pioneer Valley, and while driving along Route 116 one day happened to notice a sign with a familiar and beloved amphibian on it. Since that first chance encounter with the Hitchcock Center Sam has interned with one Homeschool II class and is looking forward to interning with the class again this spring.

She loves the whimsical, laid back learning environment and seeing the kids have fun and be amazed. She has also enjoyed getting to know more about the Center’s animals as an animal care volunteer. Besides helping out at Hitchcock she likes to spend her time baking, reading, and volunteering at the Forest Park Zoo.

Patrick O’Roark is an Environmental Educator at the Hitchcock Center. He leads school field trips, residencies, homeschool programs, and has served as a summer camp counselor for several summers. Patrick is also the live animal caretaker for the teaching animals at the Center.

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