Maddy’s Thoughts: Hitchcock Youth Experience

By Maddy Parker

April 11, 2016

Maddy-2The Hitchcock Center provided me and many other children with an education in the aspects of nature. The teaching method is very different from other nature centers; at the Hitchcock Center they allow children to take risks such as climbing trees and playing with sticks. I believe that children must face some sort of challenge to actually learn something.

When I started the preschool program that the center offers, I learned so much. I also gained a very important love of nature and animals from the various programs I have attended over the years. In the afterschool program, we went caving a good many times. In Girls into the Wild we explored with many aspects of natural dyes and making things out of natural items.

Maddy-3One of the things I respect most about the center is the complete lack of any sexisim and/or racisim. All of my experiences at the center have been completely positive. The center has enhanced my life completely!

Maddy Parker is currently a 4th grader who spent 7 years learning and growing in Hitchcock Center programs. 

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