November: We’re Building Under a Rainbow

By Jessica Schultz

December 8, 2015

Construction on the building in November included completion of conduit work in both the North and South wings connecting through the Ecotone, over the top of the foundation’s infill. This work involved a high degree of pre-planning, determining where electrical and data cabling would be located, how much would be needed and how large the conduit would need to be to hold it all. Once all of the conduit (or pipe) was placed by Crocker Communications – and we could begin to see where walls would be – a double layer of rigid styrofoam insulation was installed, covered by a moisture resistant membrane, and then the metal gridwork into which the concrete for the slab was poured. For the first time, we were able to view our new site from the actual ground floor of our building! And as a special treat, Tom Adams over at Reelife Documentary Productions discovered that one of the timelapse cameras caught a beautiful rainbow over our site!

Timelapse of under slab and slab work from Reelife Documentary Productions:
Photo gallery of underslab and slab work

Jessica Schultz is Communication and Capital Project Coordinator for the Hitchcock Center. She guides on-going media relations, website and social media, publications, marketing planning and photography. She also supports the Executive Director and building committee in planning for a new environmental learning center.

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