Hitchcock Center Offerings During COVID-19

We hope you will join us to enjoy some of these in-person and online programs and resources. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, on our YouTube channel, and check out our website to stay connected.

Children and Family Resources

Fall 2020 Children, Youth and Family Programs (in-person and virtual)

Our fall programs are a little different than what we typically offer, as we continue to find flexible and adaptive new ways to meet the needs of children and families during this pandemic. Registration is available here.

Our emphasis is on providing inquiry-based environmental and outdoor education programs for small groups, typically made up of no more than 10–12 individuals. Our programs, as always, are focused on learning from nature, but we are placing a heightened focus on meeting the need children have for unstructured time with their peers. It is essential to children’s social-emotional development and general sense of well-being to be able to play and be free outside with each other!

Saturday Family Science

Saturday Science returns this fall with a new series of interactive science themes. While there will be activities to serve different ages, this series focuses on younger learners from ages 5-8. Space is limited and each session fills quickly. Visit our Fall 2020 Children, Youth and Family Programs page to learn more about this and other Family and Learning Pod Programs.

Take it Outdoors Bingo!

This fun activity is for citizen scientists of all ages. Document your investigations with a drawing or a photograph and submit them for a prize.

Animal Anecdotes

Hitchcock’s Animal Care Manager, Patrick O’Roark, is creating videos as he cares for our animal ambassadors, including Emi (our painted turtle), Cob (our corn snake), Terra and Ivy (our box turtles), Spotty (our spotted salamander), and five different kinds of invertebrates. Check our YouTube channel or Follow us on Facebook.


Teacher Resources

Virtual School Field Trips

Connect your classroom to Hitchcock Center field trips with nature-based educators, Helen Ann Sephton and Aemelia Thompson. These live-stream virtual field trips use school-approved Google Meets to offer interactive, inquiry-based learning opportunities for school classrooms grades 2-6.

Early Childhood Activities

Colleen Kelley, Director of Education has compiled some wonder-FULL resources she has found online and some that she has been using to teach children for many years. Explore these resources to help strengthen your Early Childhood teaching toolkit.

Teaching Resources

Our environmental educators are supporting 73 teachers in 10 schools, providing them with outdoor video instruction, classroom activities, and other teaching resources to help students continue their study of science and nature. You can find these by visiting our YouTube channel.

Professional Development

Using the Outdoors to Teach STEM During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An In-Person Standards-Based Professional Development Workshop for Teachers Grades K-4

Are you looking for creative and innovative ways to transition back to teaching at school? What new techniques will you need to have in your toolkit to create a supportive structure for your class? This in-person teacher institute will model the latest COVID-19 health and safety guidelines while extending the classroom to the outdoors. Learn more…

Community Resources

Adult Programs
Fall Birding with Scott Surner

Good news! In spite of all that isn’t safe right now watching birds outdoors is still to be enjoyed. Join Scott Surner for outdoor birding this fall. Registration opens Monday, August 10 at 9am. Learn more…

Sunday Birding with Scott

We will be sharing local birding expert Scott Surner’s listings of bird sightings and challenges, along with photographic highlights, on our blog. Check the blog feed on our website or follow us on Facebook.

Earth Matters

Every two weeks, the Hitchcock Center publishes a column, “Earth Matters: Notes on the Nature of the Valley,” in The Daily Hampshire Gazette. Writers include Hitchcock staff and board members, former board members, presenters in our Community Programs series, and friends of the Center. Look for the column at the end of Section C of the weekend Gazette or on our website.

In Bloom Discoveries

We are brightening your Instagram feed with hopeful signs of spring, photographed and captioned by Katie Koerten, our Children, Youth and Family Program Coordinator. Follow us on Instagram.

Take a Hike

We will be sharing our favorite off-the-beaten-path hikes on our blog and Facebook each week. As we look for ways to remain active and seek solace in nature, we hope these posts will bring you pleasure. Check the blog feed on our homepage or follow us on Facebook.

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