Flora and Faunathon Toolkit

REGISTER FOR Flora & Faunathon

Register as an individual or team

After you register, you’ll be able to set up a personalized fundraising webpage. We have created a standard template page for you to use, but you are welcome and encouraged to make it your own. Your webpage allows you to tell others why the Hitchcock Center’s mission is important to you and why you’re participating in Flora & Faunathon.


Log in to your page and customize your photo and message using the username and password you created when you registered. Here are some tips to be effective in your fundraising.

Share a personal story. Why is the Hitchcock Center important to you? Why are you participating in Flora & Faunathon and raising funds for education for a healthy planet?

Set up your ask.  If you chose your goal amount for a specific reason, tell people why. Try to relate it back to the cause if possible. If you know what you’re hoping someone will donate, ask for a specific amount. Even if you soften it a bit by adding, “or whatever amount you are able to give,” providing a clear ask helps people know what is appropriate and what you are hoping for.

Thank people in advance for supporting something that’s important to you.

Here are a few examples of an ask to your supporters:

“I’m raising $365. $1 a day to support sustainability and education for a healthy planet. I hope you’ll help me reach this goal.”

“In my #floraandfaunathon22, I will be going out into the woods every weekend seeking new species in an effort to raise awareness about climate change and how it impacts our planet.”

“Would you consider donating $1, $5, or $10 per species to help me hit my goal?”

“My goal is to raise $500 to help raise awareness about climate change and the path to net-zero by 2050.”


Share your Flora & Faunathon page with your social network.  We recommend sharing your fundraiser far and wide, but often, the people who will make the biggest difference on your page are your family and friends (or anyone who cares about YOU).

You’ll find an email template that you can use, but we recommend personalizing your messages as much as possible.


Share your outings and fundraising efforts on social media! Post pictures of your adventures. Use #floraandfaunathon22 and tag @hitchcockcenter on Facebook and Instagram.


The webpage will track your fundraising progress towards the goal you set. When people make gifts online using your unique fundraising link, their gifts will be reflected on your page’s fundraising progress bar. You’re also able to manually add donations that you receive by cash or check as well. You will be prompted to enter the donor’s information, the total of the donation, and how you will get the donation to the Hitchcock Center. Any manual donations participants add will be reflected in the event total as well as on your personal fundraising page.


Share your outings on social media and track the species you find on iNaturalist. Here is the link to the Flora and Faunathon event on iNaturalist.


Family Scavenger Hunt

Flora and Fauna of Western Massachusetts – Beginner list

Birds in my Backyard

Common Trees and Plants of Western Massachusetts


We would love to see your photos from your seek/find/explore adventures, and you could win a prize for Best F&F photo. All photos should contain people doing their F&F thing — bonus points for people with the flora and fauna they are identifying. You can submit your photos by emailing your entry to kim@hitchcockcenter.org by May 31!

At the beginning of June, we’ll post 5 finalists on the Hitchcock Center’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Followers of the page will vote for the winner!


Prizes are awarded to leaders in different categories – such as number of outings, amount of money raised, best team photo, and number of donors. 

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