Living Building Video Gallery

Welcome to our video gallery! Check back regularly for updates to this page as we build!

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Special Project Videos

Janury 17, 2017A narrative of the collaboration between the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, designLAB architects, Wright Builders, EnnisArt, and Prosoco to create our new Living Building. Thanks to Daniel De Wit for the video.

October 1, 2016: Take a look inside a WISY Vortex screen! This screen (labelled filter in our living building) is part of the first flush rainwater capture system located in our Ecotone. The screen helps to remove dust, pollen, and anything that falls on our roof and remove it from the water system prior to storage in our reservoir. Thanks to Chris Chamberland of Berkshire Design Group for the video.

August 1, 2016: EnnisArt completed an artistic rendering of the Connecticut River watershed and primary tributaries. The work is stained into the concrete floor in the Ecotone, the hall that holds our rainwater exhibit. We invite you to view a timelapse of this installation.

June 29, 2016: Congressman Jim McGovern Announced a $148,586 Federal Institute for Museum and Library Services Grant To Hitchcock Center for “Learning from Nature” Exhibit Design. View a video of this event prepared by Daniel De Wit of EnnisArt.

Timelapse Videos

Take a look at the timelapse videos of the building project. Videos are available in an overview of the whole build from start to finish or in 2-3 month progress segments. Video footage was shot and produced by Reelife Documentary Productions.

May, 2015 – September, 2016

This video shows the full project build out:

July-September, 2016

The final  touches are applied to our building and site:

April – June, 2016

Overhangs, roofing, and solar are added to the building:

January-March, 2016

The final layers (minus the roof and siding) are added to our building envelope:

November – December, 2015

Framing, sheathing, trusses and water reservoirs are installed:

October-November, 2015

Under slab and slab work is completed:

July-September, 2015

Foundation and footing work is completed:

May-June, 2015

Soil remediation work was completed:

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