Homeschool Financial Aid

The Hitchcock Center is delighted to be able to offer financial aid to homeschool families due to a generous donation.

Financial Aid Application

Aid amounts: Aid is limited. For our 10-week Homeschool Classes, families may apply for a discount in the amount of $25/family.

Registering for programs: We do not hold spots for financial aid recipients, so it is up to families to register for the programs they wish to attend. Some of our programs fill up quickly so we do not recommend waiting to register. If families have trouble registering or putting down a deposit, they should contact Shelly Kahan, Center Coordinator, at the Hitchcock Center. When the financial aid is awarded the discount is applied to the family’s account.

Application: To be considered for your full request amount, get your application in as soon as possible. Early applications are most likely to be awarded the full amount requested.

Families will be notified as soon as possible after their application is received. The application is available here.

Questions? Contact Shelly Kahan via email or (413) 256-6006

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