Blog eNewsletter : The Hitchcock Center Collaborates with Girls Inc. of Holyoke

By Katie Koerten

Nysha Sanchez, 16 and Kaylla Fairbanks, 15 spent the month of July working at the Hitchcock Center as “externs” from the Girls Inc. of Holyoke Eureka! Program. Eureka! is a nationally recognized five-year program designed to engage girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, build leadership skills, and promote college education. Eureka! combines STEM education with personal development, health and wellness to grow girls’ confidence and skills as they approach the next phase of their lives.

Published in Blog, eNewsletter on August 31, 2015.

Blog eNewsletter : Hitchcock Receives Prestigious Commonwealth Award for STEM to STEAM Program with Holyoke Public Schools

By Patty O’DOnnell

The Hitchcock Center is excited to announce that, in partnership with Enchanted Circle Theater (ECT), it is receiving a prestigious 2015 Commonwealth Award. Presented every two years by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), the Commonwealth Awards shine a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions made by the arts, sciences, and humanities to education, economic vitality, and quality of life in communities across the state.

Published in Blog, eNewsletter on February 24, 2015.

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