Virtual Saturday Family Science

Wanted: Waste! Decomposers and the Food Chain
Saturday, May 9 at 10am

What happens to plants and animals after they die? Or the banana peel you aren’t going to eat? They become a tasty buffet for some vital critters in the food chain. Decomposers act as nature’s “clean-up crew”– they consume dead animal carcasses, decaying plant material and waste products from other members of the ecosystem. At home you can search for, observe, and study the work of decomposers, and together we’ll explore why these small critters play such a big role.

Live Stream Link

Join Aemelia Thompson at 10am on Saturday for the live stream portion of Virtual Saturday Science.

Join the Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 812 7605 1256
Password: 5HBPpA

Meeting ID: 812 7605 1256
Password: 549212

HELPFUL TIP: Please change your Zoom screen name to your child’s name. This will help Aemelia to call on and interact with your child directly.

Pre-Live Stream Activities

Feel free to engage with whichever activities you can before our interactive session on Saturday. It is not required to do the activities but it might help learners engage more fully with the concepts. Have fun!


Hitchcock Center: Finding Decomposers!
In this short video Hitchcock Educator Aemelia explains what decomposers are and how to go into your backyard and find them. This video will help learners prepare for Saturday so please check it out!


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