Virtual Saturday Family Science

Incredible Insects
Saturday, May 30, 10am

As the days get warmer we come out of our houses, and insects are coming out too!  But what makes an animal an insect? What role do insects play in our world and how are they important to people? For this Saturday Science we will learn about the adaptations, life cycles and ecology of one of the most successful groups of animals on earth.

Live Stream Link

Join Aemelia Thompson at 10am on Saturday, May 30th for the live stream portion of Virtual Saturday Science.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 5731 4320
Password: 7PJ1H4

HELPFUL TIP: Please change your Zoom screen name to your child’s name. This will help Aemelia to call on and interact with your child directly.

Pre Live Stream Activities

Feel free to engage with whichever activities you can before our interactive session on Saturday. It is not required to do the activities but it might help learners engage more fully with the concepts. Have fun!



Use the Insect Around You Scavenger Hunt to look for insects near you.


This is a great DIY lesson for kids to make their own butterfly nets. We do this with kids at the Hitchcock Center. We use these paint bag strainers rather than fabric.


Here you’ll find a library of short videos on insects from National Geographic Kids


Here is a list of fictional children’s books about insects.  The accompanying links are where you can find read aloud videos of them on youtube.

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