Saturday Family Science July 25 Life Underground

Life Underground
Saturday, July 25, 10am
with Aemelia Thompson

Does a hole in the earth sound like a comfy place to live? To some animals it absolutely does! Living underground takes serious work but it is also a place many animals make their homes or live out their whole lives. Many of the animals that use the earth as their dwelling live right here in Massachusetts. Come dig in with us!

Join Aemelia Thompson at 10am on Saturday, June 6th at 10am for the live stream portion of Virtual Saturday Science.

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Pre-Live Stream Activities

Feel free to engage with whichever activities you can before our interactive session on Saturday. It is not required to do the activities but it might help learners engage more fully with the concepts. Have fun!


In this short video Hitchcock Educator Aemelia will look at life underground, and the animals and adaptations beneath our feet.


Burrowing animals: Learn how to identify animal holes you find in nature. This is a guide for animals in England, but many can also be found here in Massachusetts. 


The Burrowers: Animals Underground: a series looking at how Badgers, Water Voles and Rabbits live underground using replica burrows to mimic how they would be in the wild.

BBC 3 Episode Series, Episode 1

BBC Attenborough: The Wonder of Tortoise Tunnel

Read Alouds:

How Far Underground: By Monika Davies 

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