Life in a Pond Virtual Field Trip

Grades K-5

A pond is much more than frogs and fish! It demonstrates a beautiful web of life from algae and microscopic organisms to insect larvae and amphibians. In this virtual field trip, we will learn how to make a simple pond net, read about what makes a pond a pond, and go on a virtual pond tour. Students will be given a list of simple equipment to use to successfully collect pond animals, and will be shown how to safely collect and release these animals. In a live meeting, we will share our experiences, get a close up look at pond invertebrates (animals without backbones), do a scientific drawing, and experiment with the surface tension of water.

Field trip requirements

Prior to the live meeting:

Resources for at home pond visit

Students should come to the live meeting with the following materials:

During the live meeting we will:

Further resources

Swim away, float away, dive away, hop!
You’re free to go, I will not stop
You from living your life
You deserve to be free!
Thank you for sharing this time with me.

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